Ep.38 Out of the Bubble with Dani Wallace, founder of the I Am The Queen Bee movement.

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Welcome back to another Out of the Bubble interview.

Sometimes you come across someone whose mere presence commands attention in a room and leaves you with a lasting impression and today's guest is one of those women. Dani Wallace is the founder of the I Am The Queen Bee movement and has turned her life experiences into positives and now helps other women through her coaching, mentoring and public speaking events, It's also worth noting Dani has a fabulous singing voice that packs a punch to match her personality.

Topics covered

  • How Dani found her way back from suffering in an abusive relationship and finding herself homeless with young children.

  • Finding her purpose and passion.

  • What drives her to keep pushing forward and leaving her mark in the world.

  • How to conquer imposter syndrome and some great advice to help find your own self-belief.

  • The importance of finding your own voice and what role mentors and coaches can play.

  • What Dani learnt from her experience on The Voice and the advice received from Will I Am.

  • The inspiration behind the Wise Up Rise Up breakfast show on Facebook Live, every morning at 8am.

  • The Big Festoon event Dani is hosting on 5th June in aid of Women's' Aid to help those experiencing domestic abuse.

Further Information

If you would like to know more about Dani and the fabulous work she is doing please visit www.Iamthequeenbee.co.uk  You can also follow her on all social media platforms and YouTube @The Queen Bee Dani

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