Episode 3 with American model Erin Green (itseringreen)

About this podcast

Catching up with American model Erin Green who aged 42 became the oldest contestant of Americas Next Top Model, making to the final 6. We talk about being a model in a youth-obsessed industry, challenges and how Erin is inspiring and supporting the next generation of young girls.


Favourite song- Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys

Motivating book-The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Inspired by- Michelle Obama

Further Information

You can follow Erin on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @itseringreen. To find out more about the Twin Of A Kind foundation twinofakind.org

Background music credited to Scott Holmes - Our Big Adventure.

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You can also find me over on Instagram @rachelperu1, Twitter @rachel_peru, Facebook @rachelperumodel and on YouTube Rachel Peru Model

Keep being fabulous x


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