Ep.25 with Sylvia Mac, Love Disfigure.

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Sometimes you come across someone whose struggles and achievements equally blow you away and this weeks guest is definitely on of those women. Meet Sylvia Mac, otherwise known as Love Disfigure. Sylvia has a long list of achievements behind her including child burn survivor, campaigner, model, international speaker, founder of Love Disfigure support network and can now add cross-continent swimmer to her list. We had so much to talk about Sylvias is such an inspiring woman.


Music that motivates you? You Are My Sunshine - originally by Jimmie Davis

Book that inspires you? Road to Recovery by Terry Dunnage.

Who inspires you? Khrystyana, I just love what she is doing. Polly Brooks MBE, Bali bombing survivor and friends Sally B and Chris who without their help Love Disfigure wouldn't have happened.

Further Information

To follow all of the fabulous things Sylvia gets up to please visit her at www.lovedisfigure.com

You can also find her on all social media platforms. Instagram @love_disfigure Facebook and Twitter @LoveDisfigure

Background music credited to Scott Holmes - Our Big Adventure.

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