Ep.23, with champion for women and founder of the Motherwell Cheshire charity Kate Blakemore.

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Welcome to Ep.11 of Out of the Bubble and I strongly suggest you sit yourselves down with a cup of tea and be prepared to be blown away by this weeks guest. Kate Blakemore is the founder of Motherwell Cheshire womens charity which we will find out all about, a qualified counsellor, trainer, speaker and radio presenter and at every step of the way works tirelessly to support and encourage women in the community. Kate and I met at a Crunchy Talks event when we were both guests on Michela Di Carlo’s panel and I knew I wanted to find out more about all the great work she does. Not only that but she is a busy mum of three children so I honestly don’t know how Kate fits everything in!


What song always motivates you? Huge Oasis fan and Kates favourite is Wonderwall.

An inspiring book? I've read all of Richard Bransons books also Frank Skinners Autobiography.

Who inspires you? I think at the moment because of the time of year,The Suffragettes. I have a big thing about people having voices. I think if I'd been around back then I would have joined them. Anyone who has a voice and follows what they believe in.

Further Information

For more information on the Motherwell charity please visit http://motherwellcheshirecio.com

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/motherwellcheshire/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MotherwellCheshireCIO/

Twitter https://twitter.com/MotherwellCEO

You can also keep up to date with everything Kate is doing on her website https://kateblakemore.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Kateblakemorecounsellortrainer/

Background music credited to Scott Holmes - Our Big Adventure.

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