Ep.60 Out of the Bubble, 

 review show with entrepreneur Michelle Cowan, founder of Justo Software.

Join me for the last episode of Out of the Bubble podcast for 2020.

This week is a slightly different episode as I am joined by my guest Michelle Cowan, founder of Justo Software, to take a look back and review four of my past guests.

Michelle shares her own story as we look at how we can all relate to the women's stories shared here and what we can take away from listening to each others personal journey's. Michelle describes herself as a Mother, Entrepreneur, NED, Governor, Podcast co-host Two Northern Lasses, STEM Ambassador and shares how she walked away from the corporate world to set up her own business.

Subjects covered-

  • Changing career paths in your forties
  • How saying Yes can lead to so many unexpected opportunites
  • The Two Northern Lasses Podcast
  • Journalist Marina Gask episode and talking about #generationrestart
  • Re-evaluating life priorities in midlife
  • Motivational Speaker and mentor Dani Wallace
  • Self promoting and shining a light on your work
  • Facing the fear
  • Body confidence activist and plus size model Kaisa Henrikka 
  • Body Confidence
  • How we can learn from the generation of women below us
  • Charlotte Griffiths, owner of Bridge models agency in London.
  • Diversity in the fashion industry.
  • The importance of representation in the media and advertising for women over 40
  • Encouraging more women to join the engineering and tech world

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To catch up with four fabulous women Michelle reviewed you can listen here-

Marina Gask

Dani Wallace

Kaisa Henriikka

Charlotte Griffiths.

This was my last episode of 2020 and it has been absolute pleasure to share these inspiring women's stories with you all so thank you for listening. I'll be back in the New Year with some review shows before the next Series launches in February.

 Music credited to Scott Holmes - Our Big Adventure.

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