Ep.57 Out of the Bubble, 

 with singer,songwriter and voice coach Sophie Garner

About this podcast

Hands up if you love to sing in the shower or turn the volume up in the car for a good old sing along? I definitely do! Time to meet Sophie Garner who is an experienced singer, performer and educator, with over twenty years’ experience of bringing music, energy and confidence to the stage, the public and to youth.

Her passion for singing and bringing people together is infectious and she can also add being the first person to sing at the O2 arena to her impressive cv. 

The road has not always been an easy one for Sophie and I found out how she nearly lost her ability to sing again after an operation and how she picked herself back up after devastating set backs. 

Subjects covered-

  • The importance of creativity in education 
  • Self belief 
  •  The benefits of singing on our mental well being 
  • Turning nerves in to excitement 
  • Coping with major setbacks in life
  •  Being open to new possibilities after over coming major hurdles
  •  Coaching in the Voice Kids Joining a choir brings new connections, laughter, friendship and a boost of serotonin. 
  • Writing a book in lockdown
  •  Finding your tribe through singing 

To find out more about Sophie please visit- https://www.sophiegarner.com/ 
You can also follow her on social media. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook 

Background music credited to Scott Holmes - Our Big Adventure.

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