Ep.56 Out of the Bubble, 

Break-up and divorce coach Audrey Zeitoun, helping women rediscover the joy of solo living in and a heart that's open to finding true love.

About this podcast


I had a lovely message from a listener recently who told me she really  enjoyed listening to the podcast but was divorce a key theme to my guests.
It hasn't been a conscious decision but I guess as divorce figures for the over 40's is increasing in the UK it is a reflection of todays society.

Audrey Zeitoun is a life coach that helps women re-discover themselves after break ups or divorce and shared some helpful advice for those in the midst of it right now. I know from my own experience of getting divorced at 40 how difficult it can be but I hope this interview inspires you and helps you look forward to a more positive life with new possibilities.

Subjects covered-

  • Audreys own experience of divorce
  • Learning to heal
  • Rediscovering yourself after divorce
  • Building confidence
  • Seeking help
  • The next chapter- Embracing new beginnings and possibilities
  • Opening your heart to new love

To find out more about Audreys services https://www.audreyzcoaching.com
You can also find Audrey on Instagram and Facebook 

Background music credited to Scott Holmes - Our Big Adventure.

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