Ep.54 Out of the Bubble, 

 Finding creativity and building a community on instagram and beyond with Sara Tasker. 

About this podcast

Sara Tasker is one of the first instagram sensations @meandorla and her writing , creativity and story telling is honest, beautiful and inspiring.  Sara's podcast #hashtagauthentic was the very first podcast I listened to and I have walked many miles dog walking listening to her and gaining inspiration and knowledge.

Sara's describes herself as "40% photographer, 40% writer, 30% business coach and 10% cake. I’m also terrible at maths" which really makes me smile. Sarah was awarded runner up for Natwest’s Creative Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and went on to win Content of the Year in the Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards in April 2018.

She now runs her own courses to help others learn how to find their own tribe on social media and create a community. She never seems to stop, from creating her #hashtagauthentic podcast, writing her book, running courses, travelling the world as a speaker and taking really magical photographs.

Subjects covered-
Follow your creativity
Creating an instagram community
Owning your talent
Stepping up in to the arena
Starting her own podcast HashtagAuthentic
Listening to your own gut instinct
Lessons learnt in lockdown
Balancing the introvert with a busy workload

To keep up with everything Sara is doing please visit https://meandorla.co.uk and you can listen to the podcast #HashtagAuthentic . 
You can also follow her on social media Instagram and Twitter.

Background music credited to Scott Holmes - Our Big Adventure.

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