Ep.52 Out of the Bubble, 

Do you ever dream of owning a French Chateau? It's never too late! Meet Debbie Bell who did just that! (as seen on Escape to the Chateau DIY)

About this podcast

Hands up if you've lost a few hours on Righmove looking at French properties after watching Dick and Angel on Escape to the Chateau. I'm sure I'm not the only one to share those dreams!

Todays episode is with Debbie Bell , owner of Chateau Gioux in the rural Limousin region of France, who along with her partner Nigel Lawson, turned their dreams in to reality.  I loved talking with Debbie and came away wanting to meander around a French market buying olives, fresh French bread and a nice dollop of cheese! 

Little did they know that their life changing move and renovation project would see them becoming part of the Escape to the Chateau DIY television programme. 

Topics covered

  • Deciding to move and the impact on family
  • Turning dreams in to reality
  • Dealing with the practicalities
  • Becoming part of a French community and emerging themselves in to the French way of life
  • The physical demands of a renovation project
  • Open the doors to visitors
  • Becoming part of the Escape to the Chateau DIY programme. 

For more details on their beautiful chateau visit the website www.chateaugioux.com

You can also follow Debbie and Nigel on Instagram @chateaugiouxlimousin.

Background music credited to Scott Holmes - Our Big Adventure.

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