Ep.51 Out of the Bubble, with ageless wisdom teacher and founder of the ethical fashion collection. Mudra, Rita Hraiz.

About this podcast

I had the pleasure of meeting Rita Hraiz in 2018 modelling for her beautiful ethical fashion clothing collection, Mudracollection.com and when I found out more about her life journey I knew she was someone I wanted to share with you. 

Rita is a ceremony holder, ageless wisdom teacher, visionary artist and founder of the sustainable ethical fashion brand Mudra clothing.

Rita travels around the world holding retreats for women to help them refine themselves and ground themselves to help them become the person they know they need to be. Her own journey to finding her true. passion and purpose in life has been a rollercoaster and it really feels like she has lived several different lives to get to where she is now.

Topics covered

  • Finding calm through lockdown
  • Walking away from a successful fashion business at it's peak
  • Seriously Scrumptious success and unexpected outcomes
  • Dealing with loss and grief
  • Finding her true self
  • How Rita helps other women refine themselves through her retreats

If you would like to know more about Rita please visit her website www.ritahraiz.com.
You can also follow Rita on Instagram @rita_hraiz and Facebook @mudracollection 

Background music credited to Scott Holmes - Our Big Adventure.

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